Consider Fluoride Treatment for a Healthy, Cavity-free Smile

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps your teeth to fight off cavities by strengthening your enamel to become more resistant against acidic attacks. While your teeth get fluoride from toothpaste and the water and foods you ingest (systematic benefits), fluoride treatments (topical benefits) from a dentist can give your teeth the much-needed boost to stave off tooth decay.

If you are concerned about your decay-prone teeth, a Fort McMurray, Alberta, dentist offers fluoride treatments to improve your dental health. Please book an appointment with Stoneycreek Village Dental today to take control of your dental health.

Who needs fluoride treatment?

First things first: how does fluoride protect your teeth? Fluoride repairs your teeth by replenishing them with lost calcium and phosphate. Through remineralization, fluoride rebuilds your enamel to strengthen a weakened tooth and reverse early signs of tooth decay.

Who needs fluoride treatment? While most people think fluoride treatments are for children, anyone at risk of cavities can benefit from this procedure. Besides children at high risk of cavities, adults with the conditions below could use fluoride treatments.

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Gum recession
  • Thinned down enamel
  • Dry mouth or inhibited saliva flow

Remember, fluoride treatment is just one of the ways to prevent cavities. This means you shouldn’t let your guard down regarding routine oral hygiene and visiting a dentist at least twice a year.

What to expect during fluoride treatment

Your dentist will likely recommend fluoride treatment during a typical dental checkup. This procedure is quick and painless, but the benefits are long-lasting. Fluoride may come in the form of foam, gel, or varnish. Fluoride can be applied with a small brush, swab, or a tray held in your mouth for a few minutes. The process lasts about 5 minutes, and the only precaution needed after treatment is to avoid drinking or eating for about 30 minutes to allow your teeth to absorb the fluoride.

Your dentist may recommend fluoride treatment every 6-12 months. However, the frequency may increase if you are at high risk of tooth decay.

Fluoride treatment for a healthy, decay-free smile

Want to protect your teeth from decay? Please dial (780) 666-7327 to benefit from fluoride treatments from Stoneycreek Village Dental in Fort McMurray, AB. Alongside routine dental hygiene, fluoride treatment is an excellent way to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Dr. Yohannes Melkie, DMD EAT Bio

Dr. Yohannes Melkie

Dr. Yohannes Melkie obtained his Biomedical Science degree from the University of Ottawa and his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Western Ontario. After graduation, he moved to Fort Mac, where he has practiced since.

Dr. Melkie follows various conferences and training sessions to stay current so he can provide the best quality treatment to his patients. He enjoys collaborating with patients to ensure they get the best care.