Restore the Health and Appearance of Your Teeth with Dental Crowns

Are you embarrassed by your smile because of broken, decayed, or worn-down teeth? Porcelain crowns can bring back your healthy, beautiful smile. An inlay or filling can treat minor tooth damage, but dental crowns are the most durable restorations to repair extensive tooth damage. In just 2-3 appointments with Stoneycreek Village Dental, you can have your smile back — better than ever!

Why you may need a dental crown

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped restoration that encases the visible portion of your tooth to improve its strength, size, colour, and shape. Your dentist may recommend a dental crown to:

  • Complete the dental implant treatment
  • Protect a weakened tooth
  • Cosmetically improve a discoloured or misshapen tooth
  • Strengthen a tooth that has undergone a root canal
  • Anchor a dental bridge
  • Replace old dental fillings

Our dental office prefers porcelain crowns because they can be colour-matched to mimic your natural enamel. However, if you need dental caps made from gold or other materials, we will procure them for you.

The dental crown procedure

If you have a damaged or decayed tooth, you are only 2-3 appointments away from a new, functional smile. Traditional crowns involve the steps below.

  • Your dentist examines your tooth physically and uses digital radiographs to establish its condition and the surrounding gums
  • Your dentist numbs your gums for a painless dental experience
  • We file down your tooth and remove part of the outer layer
  • We take oral impressions of the prepped tooth and the surrounding teeth
  • Your dentist installs a temporary crown to protect your prepped tooth
  • We send the bite impressions to a lab technician to custom-make your crown. This process may take a few weeks.
  • When your crown is ready, you will book another appointment with Drs.
  • Yohannes Melkie or Alan Chan to install your dental crown using dental cement. Usually, we make a few adjustments to ensure your crown looks natural and fits comfortably.

Want to rebuild your damaged teeth with dental crowns? You are in the right place. Stoneycreek Village Dental in Fort McMurray, Alberta, offers affordable yet beautiful dental crowns to restore your smile and oral health. Please call us at (780) 666-7327 to help plan your appointment based on your availability.