Experience Our Gentle Approach to Dentistry with Several Sedation Dentistry Options

If you are among many Canadians battling some form of dental anxiety, help is on the way. With sedation dentistry in Fort McMurray, Alberta, dental fear doesn’t have to prevent you from getting the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve. Whether your dental anxiety originates from a previous negative experience or the sound and smell at a dental office, Stoneycreek Village Dental is here to make a difference in how you experience dentistry.

Our sedation dentistry options

Our light touch techniques, coupled with anesthesia, are enough for a comfortable dental experience for most patients. However, patients with dental anxiety or fear need a little more care. Depending on your level of dental anxiety, we offer the options below:

  • Oral sedation: This treatment is ideal for mild to moderate dental anxiety. Oral sedation is a prescription pill you take about an hour before your dental appointment. Your dentist can vary the dosage depending on your anxiety level. This sedation gives you deep relaxation, but you remain awake and alert to respond to instructions.
  • IV sedation: This sedation works for patients with severe dental fear and those with multiple dental surgery treatments. IV sedation is administered by injecting sedation medication into your veins. This sedation kicks in immediately and gives patients little to no memory of the treatment. While IV sedation makes you deeply asleep, you can easily be woken with a gentle shake. We monitor your vital organs throughout your treatment to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Patients with a low pain threshold, strong gag reflex, or difficulty overcoming dental anxiety no longer have to miss dental appointments. Sedation dentistry can help you conquer your dental phobia to get the dental care you deserve.

Give dental fear the boot with sedation dentistry

Each member of Stoneycreek Village Dental is committed to making you feel comfortable and safe whenever you visit our dental office. Besides a friendly approach, a carefree environment, and modern anesthetics, we offer sedation dentistry to improve your dental experience every time you visit us. If you want to learn more about our anxiety-free dentistry options, please dial (780) 666-7327 to talk to Drs. Yohannes Melkie, Alan Chan, and the team.