Emergency Dentistry for Care That Immediately Relieves Pain and Supports Long-Term Health

Even though you take diligent care of your teeth, accidents can happen. And unlike routine dental checkups, dental emergencies can’t wait for treatment at a later date. You need urgent care; otherwise, you risk losing your tooth or putting your smile at risk of pain and infections.

Do you have a dental emergency in Fort McMurray, Alberta? Please book an appointment with Stoneycreek Village Dental, and you will be out of pain soon.

Common dental emergencies

When you have a dental emergency, you may be tempted to call 911 for treatment. Regrettably, ERs are constantly overwhelmed, and the medical personnel aren’t equipped with the proper training and tools to handle dental emergencies.

Need urgent dental care? Always get in touch with an emergency dental office like Stoneycreek Village Dental. Here are common dental emergencies, Drs. Yohannes Melkie, Alan Chan and the team can help with:

  • Severe toothache
  • Knocked out teeth
  • Bleeding gums or cheeks
  • Broken tooth
  • Lost dental crowns or fillings
  • Dental abscesses

When faced with a dental emergency, the sooner you see the dentist, the better the chances of making a full recovery. If total recovery is unlikely, we recommend restorative dental treatments to put you on track for optimal dental health.

How we help with dental emergencies

Dental emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. The good thing is that we have the right team and technology to handle your situation. We will help you from the moment you call us. Our dental team provides tailored advice to reduce pain and save your tooth.

When you arrive at our dental office, we offer the following services to restore your dental health.

  • Dental crown placement
  • Dental filling treatment
  • Emergency tooth extractions
  • Emergency root canals

Once we handle your dental emergency, we don’t leave it here. We provide you with ongoing dental care to protect your smile for the long haul. We also help you with handy tips to avoid dental emergencies in the future.

Emergency dental care in Fort McMurray, Alberta

Dental emergencies strike when you least expect them. It could be late at night, at the weekend, or on vacation. When you have a dental emergency, finding a dental office that offers dental care outside the typical office hours can be a lifesaver. If you need urgent dental care in Fort McMurray, AB, please call (780) 666-7327 to talk to the Stoneycreek Village Dental team.

Dr. Yohannes Melkie, DMD EAT Bio

Dr. Yohannes Melkie

Dr. Yohannes Melkie obtained his Biomedical Science degree from the University of Ottawa and his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Western Ontario. After graduation, he moved to Fort Mac, where he has practiced since.

Dr. Melkie follows various conferences and training sessions to stay current so he can provide the best quality treatment to his patients. He enjoys collaborating with patients to ensure they get the best care.