Say goodbye to dental anxiety: Welcome a relaxed experience!

Make fear-filled, stressful dental experiences a thing of the past with state-of-the-art IV sedation dentistry at Stoneycreek Village Dental in Alberta, Canada.

It provides sedatives through a vein, which the doctor can monitor and control to increase or decrease sedation levels. It quickly helps patients reach a deep state of relaxation and drowsiness while remaining conscious.

What is IV sedation?


Achieve deep relaxation


IV sedation dentistry from Stoneycreek Village Dental can help turn your dental treatment into a peaceful retreat instead of a stressful appointment.


Leave your dental fears behind with IV sedation dentistry. Our safe and effective sedatives administered via IV will help you feel at ease throughout your dental procedure.

Overcome dental anxiety




Lie back in our dental chair, relax, and make yourself comfortable, while our skilled dentists work their magic. Leave your fears and worries behind.

A comfortable, pain-free experience

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