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Over time, your smile can be damaged by tooth loss, decay, or other dental issues. Swipe to learn about the great treatments we use to restore you to a healthy, beautiful smile!

Complete and Partial Dentures

Our modern partial and complete or full dentures are comfortable and attractive and are an affordable way to replace one, several, or all your teeth. They can be fixed or removable.

Dental Bridges

Bridge the gaps in your smile with a dental bridge that attaches to existing teeth or implants to cover a gap left by one or more missing teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

We can stop the pain and save an infected tooth from removal with root canal treatment.

Dental Implants

The next-best-thing to your natural tooth! This advanced, long-lasting restoration is the only way to replace a missing tooth’s root for improved stability and dental health.

Dental Fillings

Our tooth-colored composite fillings can blend in with your teeth while protecting them from further decay.

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