There’s wisdom in removing wisdom teeth!

Get relief from wisdom tooth pain with gentle and effective wisdom teeth extraction at Stoneycreek Village Dental in Fort McMurray, Alberta in Canada.

Why remove wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth can cause problems like infected and swollen gums, sinus issues, damage to nearby teeth, overcrowding, mouth pain, and interference with orthodontic therapies.  That’s why dentists recommend their removal.

The procedure

Evaluating the condition of your wisdom teeth and their position with digital radiographs

Simple tooth extraction is enough for teeth that have broken through the gum line. We use anesthesia and gentle tools and techniques to pull your teeth from their sockets.

Surgical tooth extraction is necessary for impacted teeth. We usually numb your gums, but offer sedation dentistry options if you have dental fear.

Once settled, we incise your gums to access the trapped tooth and remove it after breaking it into parts. Then we clean and suture the site to promote healing.

Contact us

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